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Happy client


He was the person I was looking for professional, honest, responsible, and loyal. I am very happy with his work and thanks to his wise decisions.


I'm very satisfied with his work and I would recommend him for sure. He knows what is he doing and he is good with his promises.


He was very honest and loyal, he recommended me the best way to get a approval by INS. He has good knowledge about immigration.


Mike Sethi have helped our family in getting our green card through employment based. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Their care and professionalism about our case is TOP NOTCH! They had always been keeping us up to date on our status during the process. They also give us affordable payment plan for their fees. They've exceeded all my expectation from lawyer. We are now the proud owner of green card! Thanks Mike!

If any of you guys are still deciding on which lawyer to hire... look no more... 


I went to Mr. Sethi after my daughter recommended him to me. He is a wonderful Attorney his office handled my immigration case very carefully. I had a few issues with my case but Mr. Sethi reassured me that everything was going to be fine with my case and it REALLY was. I will definitely recommend Mr. Sethi to anyone who is looking for an immigration Attorney.


Mike S. Sethi helped me to get my American citizenship in less than six months, efficiently. He personally answered all my questions in regards my citizenship, provided me the questionnaire about American history. The day I had my interview with immigration services, he attended the interview with me and supported me all the time. He has a good knowledge about immigration's laws and he is very honest, reliable and I think he is the best lawyer I've known.

Former Client

Mike Sethi looked professionally at our case and gave us an honest opinion and told us how he could assist us. His team prepared all the necessary documents and sent the all the forms requested by immigration in a timely matter and always keeping us updated on the status of our case. When the time came to write the waiver package, Mike and his team prepared a strong waiver case and gave us the information necessary to be well prepared for our interview at the consulate. When we arrived at the consulate for our interview we where very well prepared and had all the documents the consulate officers requested. We were really happy because we saw how other people had to wait longer or reschedule their visa interviews because they were missing something on their file. Our waiver was approved without any problems. When we returned to the US, Mike and his team told us what the next step in the process was and how to prepare for it. His fees are very competitive and he is an honest person who will tell you from the start how you situation needs to be handled.


Attorney Mike Sethi is a top-notch Attorney to go to when it comes to immigration matters (service area I hired him for). He is a good listener and a very courteous, caring, and understanding Attorney who is always willing and ready to go the extra mile for his clients. He took the time to explain to me the overall process with regard to my sister and her family immigrant visa filing.

Attorney Mike Sethi was able to accommodate my very tight work schedule when it comes to scheduling time to meet with him. He is a very straight forward professional and tells you what and when to expect. Even though there is no guarantee for anything beyond his control, he worked very hard for us to deliver at 100%. Yes 100%! I am completely satisfied with his Attorney services and very grateful to his staff especially to Kelsey for the work they did.

And since I had more frequent communication with Norwalk office, I would like to use this opportunity to say a very big thank you to one of his employees by the name Kelsey (not sure if I got the spelling correct). Kelsey is very caring, and a great listener with a very strong people skill. She provided us with outstanding services and went the extra mile for us. I also forgot to mention that Kelsey is very patient and genuinely cares... I have been in Norwalk office on different occasions and saw how she related to other clients as well as me. Kelsey is a great asset to Attorney Sethi Law firm and to have hired her as one of the employees of Sethi Law firm was probably one of the best decision this law firm has ever made.

Attorney Mike Sethi is a very ethical and understanding Attorney who cares deeply for his clients and for that reason I highly recommend this Attorney and his law firm. He is an expert and very current when it comes to immigration matters. Pay whatever amount he tells you to pay for his services, and you would definitely not be disappointed. His services are worth more than what you would ever be asked to pay. Only a trial would convince you.

So, if you are looking for an immigration Attorney who is dedicated, ethical, caring of his clients, honest, reliable, trustworthy, understanding and very current with immigration matters, Attorney Mike Sethi and his law firm more than fits the bill. You have my highest recommendation!!!


I'm very happy with Mike and his team, they were able to help my husband to get his resident, they talk to us with all the details of what was the process and what to do first, everything move fairly quick, even though my husband wasn't granted the resident at the moment of the appointment, they help us to get back to immigration with everything they asked for and within weeks after they received everything my husband was granted his resident, pretty soon will be time to re-new his resident, then apply for citizenship, we are definitely hiring Mike Sethi. I have sent friends and family and they all have been happy with the results, if you are in a need of a lawyer, definitely make an appointment at US Law Center, free consultation, Mike, keep up the good work, thanks again!


I was able to obtain my citizenship through Mr. Sethi's law firm and the experience was great. All of the employees truly care about the customer and they have great customer service skills. I will continue to refer anyone who needs a lawyer to Mr. Sethi.

I. Jimenez

I have been a client of Mr. Sethi for a few years he originally helped me with a petition for my residency card. I have gone with him for every immigration process I need. He is a very knowledgeable attorney that prides himself in helping people. His staff is very professional and helping. The assistant I had would always find a way to assist me with all my concerns and questions. I would recommend Mike to anyone.

Nils and Giselle

My wife and I are very grateful for the very professional treatment of the whole office staff, most of all Ms. Lorena, as she was always very helpful and knowledgeable of what needed to know and do to complete this process, which was successful due to the help she always provided.


I had a great experience working with Mike Sethi on my niece's SIJS (Special Immigrant Juvenile Status) case. As I hear this type of case doesn't come across on daily basis and is considered few of the very complicated ones. But working with Mike it felt like the case was a rather simple one. From the get go, Mike was very helpful, open, honest and upfront with everything. He was right on the spot on time estimates and the steps involved. Easy to reach and a great person to talk to for all your immigration needs. When he didn't have an answer, he would dig it up for you with all required legal references. He would educate you so you feel comfortable that the decision we are taking is the right one.

I would strongly recommend Mike for any and all of your immigration needs.

Former Client

Best quality of this attorney is " He is a very Honest and straight forward ". He has extensive knowledge on immigration laws and keeps himself abreast with the latest immigration rules and regulations. Apart from this he has an excellent team of Paralegals who are very efficient and keep you updated of your case. For anyone who is looking for an immigration attorney with vast experience and the best success rate then "MIKE SETHI" is the answer. I have been dealing with him for over 4 years and i find him the BEST.


Mike Sethi and U.S. Law Center helped my mom get her Green card. It was a dream come true. After many years my mom was able to get her Green card successfully. Mike Sethi is very professional and guided us on every step of the process. He was there at the interview and made sure that everything was done smoothly. I highly recommend Mike Sethi and his law firm for any legal work. His prices are very reasonable and they give you payment options that we really needed.


I am from out of state and he was the only one who took in my case, he even flew to my state to help me. He worked hard to get me my residency. He is a great attorney and i had the pleasure of working with him.

Salvador M.

He did everything he could to help us with our case. Provided the tools necessary for us to successfully get our residency. Top of the notch customer service.


Great lawyer! He helped me through my whole process of my residence about 4 years ago and he and his staff always very kind and professional always took the time to explain everything throughly. I still continue to refer people over and they all come out very satisfied and case solved. Still looking forward to hire him to help me with my parents case.

Harwinder S.

Mr. Sethi is by far the best lawyer I have ever come across. My case was impossible, other lawyers just heard my case and refused it right away, but Mr. Sethi not only took our case but he also got the impossible work done. Today my paper work is done for me and my family and we are on track now. I would recommend him to everyone because of his professionalism, honesty, and politeness.


Got Legal problems?? Go and see this company. They will work with you and do a good job.

Jimmy T.

I'm very happy to have mike and Tina as my deffenders.....thank you so much for your help......also Veronica...very very professional

Edgar L.

I do recommend Mike Sethi for all your legal needs, thanks to him and all of his staff now I have my citizenship. Very professional, and vast knowledge on immigration laws. Keep up the good work!!! Thanks a lot Mike

Kayla A.

I will Definitely recomend SETHI LAW GROUP, very helpful and efficient Thank you !!

Diana V.

Great helpful people, very friendly and great people to work with you in your legal matters

Trudy F.

Choosing immigration attorney is a very sensitive decision. Mike has been my husbands and my attorney and has very efficiently handled each of our cases and has helped me get my green card. He prepared me well before the interview and also gave us an idea what to expect at the interview. Mike came with us at the interview and made me feel at ease. I believe his presence was absolutely necessary. During all the time from the application till the interview, He was only a phone call away whenever I had any doubts .his entire team at the office is so prompt to reply back to emails or calls which is very much appreciated. Mike is very professional and extremely knowledgeable and very importantly he is very committed to his clients. My experience with Mike has been beyond exceptional and With no hesitation I can recommend Mike Sethi for all your immigration needs.

Manuel P.

I highly recommend Mr. Mike Sethi for the superb job he did with my immigration process. He is highly experienced and keeps you well informed of your case every step of the way. Previously to meeting Mr. Mike Sethi I had a lot of bad experiences with several attorneys and that made me lose hope. Yet thanks to Mike, I have forgotten about my bad experiences and now know that there are good attorneys. There are no words to say how grateful I am for what he has done for me. Hiring Mr. Sethi lead my wife and me to obtain our residency and I will be forever thankful to him and his team!

I highly recommend Mr. Mike Sethi for the superb job he did with my immigration process. He is highly experienced and keeps you well informed of your case every step of the way. Previously to meeting Mr. Mike Sethi I had a lot of bad experiences with several attorneys and that made me lose hope. Yet thanks to Mike, I have forgotten about my bad experiences and now know that there are good attorneys. There are no words to say how grateful I am for what he has done for me. Hiring Mr. Sethi lead my wife and me to obtain our residency and I will be forever thankful to him and his team!


I known Mike for about 4 years, We hired him for immigration case, he was very tedious on the process on what to do first, he is very knowledgeable and professional . The first time we met up with him, we felt a confidence right away, and he is always up to date with the latest laws. Any time we had questions about something he would be there to answer them, some times would take a little longer, but I think that is because all the clients that he has. I have sent friends and Family to see him and they have been very happy the way he works. I have another issue coming up and I'm definitely will be contacting US Law Center for this issue. If you are in a need of a Lawyer definitely make an appointment at with them, you wont be disappointed. Keep up the good work Mike!! 


He is such a nice guy and gives good advice to people. I met him about my u visa and Mr Sethi explained us very nicely so recommend to those people who looking for good immigration lawyer should consult with him.

Mostafa S.

I have to thank Mike and his colleagues for reopening my case and finally get it approved for green card. Great, trusted service

Ant R.

Was a pleasure doing business with Sethi Law Group. Our attorney was Jaqueline, and we couldn't have asked for a better attorney. She and the rest of the team were very professional, always available and always knowledgeable. Recommended to my family, and highly recommend for all seeking support and aid for immigration and other legal issues.


We met with several attorneys before hiring Mike. Most attorneys gave us conflicting information. We took a leap of faith and hired Mike to help us with a petition for my husband, I'm a US citizen. Our case was complicated but Mike was very specific about the steps we needed to take before he could get his green card. Just as he promised my husband received his green card and we are soo happy! I recommend him to anyone who is looking for a professional and honest attorney. His staff is really nice too.

Former Client

I have Mike Sethi to help me with our green card. I'm very glad hiring Mike Sethi as our attorney. He gave me some legal advice, what we could and couldn't do. We followed his professional instructions and finally we got our green card in one year and half. It was so fast and very unexpected. We were very happy. What a dream come true! When we had questions, he had always answered them in timely manner. All his staff were very helpful and professional. I’m very satisfied with all his service. I definitely will recommend him to anyone! 

R. Basson

Best Lawyer! I have been using his law firm since 2009 starting with my student visa then H1B in 2016 and finally getting my permanent resident status through him 2019. All these years I have relied on his expertise and professionalism. He has a great honest team. I highly recommend him for all kinds of immigration services. I’m very happy with his work and will definitely keep using him for all my needs in my future.

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