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Fighting to Protect You From Deportation

Removal proceedings occur when the U.S. government seeks to have you removed from this country. Removal proceedings usually start when you receive a “Notice to Appear,” which often gives you a date upon which you must appear in court. If you fail to do so, you will automatically be subject to a removal order.


If you are facing the threat of deportation, you need to seek qualified legal assistance from an attorney experienced in immigration law and deportation defense. At US Legal Group, APC, you will find the aggressive advocacy you need. We understand the gravity of your situation and know how to fight back with a creative and effective defense strategy. Our firm has handled many removal proceedings in Orange and Los Angeles counties.

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Thorough Representation in Removal Proceedings

Removal proceedings are initiated if the government believes you have done something that classifies you as either removable or inadmissible to this country. Removability generally applies to immigrants who already are here legally – such as a person with a valid green card – while inadmissibility applies to someone who is seeking entry through a visa or a green card.


Receiving a Notice to Appear and being charged with removability or inadmissibility is a stressful matter that calls for the services of a trusted immigration lawyer. You will need to understand the allegations against you, to learn how removal proceedings work, and to present strong evidence in your favor to protect your right to enter or remain in the U.S.


You may be facing removal proceedings if:

  • You have failed to abide by the terms and conditions of your visa

  • You have failed to notify the USCIS of your change of address

  • You have committed a crime, such as alien smuggling, domestic violence, drug crimes, firearms trafficking, fraud, espionage, terrorism, a crime of moral turpitude, or an aggravated felony

  • You have violated some other immigration law, such as marriage fraud

  • You have illegally received public assistance (government benefits such as welfare}

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