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Updated: Apr 15, 2021

The state of California is expected to start covering senior citizens who lack legal immigration status under the Medi-Cal program. This major change will give thousands of undocumented elderly residents age 65 and older the opportunity to obtain state health insurance without being disqualified due to immigration requirements.

While California already offers medical coverage for low-income children and young adults regardless of legal immigration status, Gov. Gavin Newsom is expected to add seniors into this program by including them in his upcoming budget proposal or through legislative action.

Senator María Elena Durazo worked closely with, Gov. Newsom to introduce health care expansion for seniors into the state spending plan. Durazo tweeted the following in support of the governor’s efforts:

“Thank you @CAgovernor for including our undocumented seniors in this important expansion of Medi-Cal. After a lifetime of hard work and sacrifice, our elders deserve to age with dignity and support. #Health4All.”

According to estimates, it will cost approximately $121 million dollars a year to cover undocumented seniors. California’s state budget is $215 billion. Estimates also show that 25,000 undocumented individuals in the 65-and-older age demographic would likely sign up for Medi-Cal under Gov. Newsom’s plan to expand healthcare coverage.

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