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Updated: Apr 15, 2021

During the month of January, our attorneys at US Legal Group, APC get a major influx of client questions regarding divorce matters. This usually happens because many separating couples who have children will put off getting divorced until the holiday season is over. If you find you are part of this particular group of people, then you need to consider the following things before you get started on the process of filing for divorce.

#1: Are You and Your Ex Capable of Having an Amicable Divorce?

If you and your spouse are on good terms and you think you are capable of ending your marriage through cooperation and open communication, then you should consider mediation so the two of you can reach a collaborative agreement. Mediation is cheaper than divorce, so you can save a significant amount of money if you go this route.

#2: Are You Emotionally Prepared to End Your Marriage?

Although you might feel like you’re done trying to repair and salvage your marriage, clients often tell us about the guilt and grief they experience throughout the divorce proceedings. The excitement of finally being independent of your spouse can sometimes fade away due to the stress of divorce. This is why it is crucial to practice self-care and surround yourself with supportive people if you’re going to get divorced this year.

#3: Are You Financially Independent?

If you are the spouse who stays home to take care of the children, then you need to ask yourself if you have the financial resources to make it through a divorce. Although stay at home parents are usually awarded child support and alimony, you need to find other sources of income so you aren’t reliant on these payments as your primary source of funding.

Put Our Skilled Divorce Lawyers in Your Corner Today

US Legal Group, APC is committed to providing reliable and personalized legal representation for a wide range of divorce matters. We understand that going through divorce is a difficult time emotionally for you and your children, which is why we are here to provide you with the compassionate legal support you need to obtain everything you are entitled to under the law.

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