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Updated: Apr 15, 2021

No one can deny that immigration has become more difficult in recent years. Now, in the midst of COVID-19, the immigration process has experienced unparalleled delays and disruptions.

Many people believe they should pause their immigration journey—or that they have no other choice but to wait for a better time. But it is more important than ever before to pursue your goals with urgency and persistence. Whether you are planning to live and work in the U.S. temporarily or permanently, the journey is still more than possible.

Here are four major reasons why our team at US Legal Group, APC urges you to begin or continue your process now—even through the pandemic.

1. No one can be sure of when the pandemic will be over.

While businesses and organizations are opening up across the country, many scientists and researchers believe the pandemic will still pose a serious threat to public health until we have a vaccine—which may not happen for more than a year. While it may seem as though now is not the time to initiate a complex legal process, waiting will only increase your delays and potentially subject your application to new obstacles in the future.

2. The immigration process is becoming more expensive over time.

The Trump administration has increased fees for a variety of applications and petitions, and they have recently proposed additional changes, ranging from 2%-377% increases. If you wait to begin your process, it may be more expensive than it would have been if you had started today.

3. Delays and obstacles will not affect everyone equally.

Each policy, operational shutdown, and service suspension has exceptions. The 60-day immigration ban, for example, has a long list of individuals who are exempt from restrictions and can still obtain green cards at this time. Additionally, while USCIS has suspended in-person operations, it is still conducting administrative services and offering appointments to those dealing with emergency matters.

Before assuming you will not be able to proceed with a visa application during the pandemic, we urge you to carefully assess each policy and emergency order. Our team at US Legal Group, APC would be more than happy to evaluate your situation to determine which, if any, policies prevent you from achieving your immigration goals. We can then develop a workaround or alternative strategy.

4. The future of the immigration process is uncertain.

If the administration continues to implement policies the way it has in recent years, immigration will likely become even more challenging as time passes. If you wait to begin or continue your immigration process, you may lose invaluable opportunities to secure employment or reunite your family.

Come to Our Firm for Guidance and Support

Is it possible to advance your immigration goals during a global crisis like COVID-19? With US Legal Group, APC on your side, yes. We can work closely with you to understand your short- and long-term goals before implementing the strategy you and your loved ones need. If you believe your future is here in the United States, we will do everything in our professional power to turn this belief into a reality. Reach out to speak with an Orange immigration attorney today!

For a free initial consultation, give us a call at (714) 921-5226 or contact us online today.

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